The Himalayan cat: care and Features

This cat has inherited the best of both breeds: the Himalayan cat is the product of a cross between a Persian and a Siamese. The result is a pussycat unparalleled beauty, gentle and very affectionate. Their care and characteristics we present in this article.

A hairy story

In 1924 he began the process. A geneticist decided to cross the two races, but the first efforts did not yield the expected results. Since 1930 the investigations were resumed in Sweden and born Debutante, the first cat with long hair.

This cat was crossed with his father and cubs were born long hair and colored dots or colorpoints: legs, ears, tail, and face reflect the colors of the Siamese, as well as his beautiful blue eyes.

Official recognition as the race took place in 1960. His name has to do with the location of origin but with fur like the Himalayan rabbit. Europe is considered a variety of Persian cat; Himalayan is today one of the most famous cats in countries in Europe and Asia.

A sweet cat and calm

The Himalayan cat is generally friendly, affectionate, calm, respectful of the rules, and with a lovely personality. This pussycat knows how to share in family environments; Persian inherited his gentleness and Siamese curiosity and vitality.

Learning ability is highly developed: learn to grasp quickly what is taught. The Himalayan cat meows not too much, and it is rather quiet and calm.

Features Himalayan cat

The Himalayan cat is a fine specimen of average size weighs between five and six kilos. His body is muscular, broad-chested and short legs, while his head is round and robust. It has big, expressive blue eyes and round, and its tail is quick and very hairy. It has small rounded ears, and a sharp, broad nose.

This pussycat hair is long, soft, silky, and shiny. Hues face, ears, legs, and tail can range from brown and chocolate, blue, red, lilac or called torties. The rest of the body is white or light cream.

Health Himalaya

There are some health problems that this breed commonly faced. The trichobezoars are hairballs that can clog your digestive system. It is a lesser evil which may be complicated if not treated early.

A few drops with paraffin oil in your mouth will help the cat to expel these hairballs; otherwise, you must visit the vet. Daily brushing will remove dead hair and minimize the potential for accumulation.

Swelling of the kidneys derived from polycystic kidney disease is a heritage breed that causes renal dysfunction. The flattened shape of your face tends to generate distortions that trigger respiratory problems.

Ultrasound from the year is recommended to detect any pathology. Also, as a result of the shortening of his face, the Himalayan cat may suffer ophthalmological disorders and jaw.


These guidelines will get good health for your pet:

  • Daily brushing hair knots and prevents the accumulation of dirt. It will also minimize the chances of the dreaded hairball or trichobezoars form.
  • With a physiological solution should clean their eyes at least once a week. When the liquid is absorbed is finished dry with a clean cloth or well sterile gauze.
  • Himalayan cat to have to bathe him when dirty or when its owner sees fit. The important thing is to use an appropriate shampoo and dryer at a not so hot to remove the remaining moisture.
  • The haircut should also be regular; Ideally, you do a specialist to prevent damage to feline or a bad trade that threatens its beauty.
  • The cleaning ears is critical. Toileting should periodically, at least once a month will help avoid problems in their auditory pathways such as inflammation or tumors. Teeth also merit attention; select toothpaste is an excellent alternative to regular brushing.
  • At least once a year should visit the veterinarian to detect any problems. You can not forget that it is prone to hereditary diseases or that product of the same body, requiring constant evaluation.

The Himalayan cat is ideal for the whole family pet. Loving, sweet, and very calm, it understood correctly with young and old. Its characteristics make it special cat care and teach to love him even more.

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