Somali Cat: personality and care

The Somali cat is one of the most beautiful cats in the world. Also, it is one of those races that, despite many as there are, it is easy to differentiate. Do you want to know a little more? Well, today we will tell you about all you need to know about it, and you ‘ll see if it would be the right pet for you.

Everything about the Somali Cat


Hearing his name, we may be able not to help but think of Somalia, but, curiously, his name has nothing to do with this country. Its origin is located in the United States and Canada and, although in some parts of these countries is called absent, they are different races with distinct characteristics.

For example, the cat’s fur Somalia is long and hard, and although come from casinos, initially they were considered as pure and could not belong to the litter. They were put aside until someone realized that they were beautiful specimens with which they could ‘create’ a new race.

Its most striking feature is undoubtedly her hair, which is believed was the result of the mixture of casinos with Persian, but this is a fact unconfirmed. It was recognized as a breed in 1978 by the World Canine Organization (FCI), while other associations did not come until four years later.

Features Somali Cat

The Somali cat is medium length, but very flexible, and muscular. It can weigh between four and five kilos, and his back has a somewhat arched shape. His head is wedge-shaped with round eyes, flat snout, and pointed ears. These are broad at the base and taper upward. His eyes usually have a uniform and intense color that can range from amber to green. Always they have a spot under these darker than the rest of the coat.

Their legs are long with narrow feet and oval. They are nevertheless firm and allow you to perform movements with showing its incredible flexibility. Its tail is hairy, long and with a broad base that tapers toward the tip.

Regarding her hair, one of the most striking and attractive aspects of this cat is of medium length and very thin but bright and silky at once. It is impossible not to approach him to pet him. This particular fur covers his whole body, and even many compare his tail to that of a fox.

The colors accepted with chocolate, brilliant blue-gray, tan, black silver, silver chocolate, or fawn silver.

Unstreaked, although they can have spots faded hair in various parts of the body, especially in the chest and inside legs.

Character and personality

The Somali cat is very playful and outgoing, while active and athletic, which suggests their requirements continuously do sport. This should be part of your life. If you have no space in which to do so, you will need to go out with him somewhere and spend time.

In this plays a crucial Papal type of home you have, because the Somali cat is not a cat to be in small apartments where space is limited, but need a place in which to move widely. It’s sweet, patient and nothing possessiveness, ideal qualities to be with children and other pets.


What this cat needs more care is undoubtedly its mantle of hair, which will be brushed every week and do it daily during the molting season. Otherwise, nothing special that other races do not require, such as cleaning eyes and ears, bathrooms occasionally and visit the vet to keep up with vaccines and deworming.

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