Pixie-Bob, a similar cat bobcat

Would you like to have a wild – looking cat but a doglike character? As these are the main features of the Pixie Bob, a pussycat who also is Polydactyl -has more fingers than routine- and has a short tail.

Meet the cat that reminds the bobcat

The breed originated in the northeastern US in the mid-80s of last century. It was created to make it look like the bobcat, a Felidae that lives in the coastal mountains of the región. Es so sought, and an animal that had the poise and the look of a wild cat was found, but with the personality of a domestic pussycat.

While it was thought that the cat that gave birth to Pixie-Bob were crossed with lynx inhabit the area, there are no determining genetic tests that allow saying. However, the physical characteristics of the breed seem to indicate otherwise.

Meet the Pixie Bob, a wild-looking cat, but so loving and homely, which many define it as a disguised dog that can take a walk on a leash.

Physical characteristics of the Pixie-Bob

The Pixie-Bob is a muscular and robust, medium-sized cat big and weighs about five kilograms. He noted for its wild look and its elongated body. It also has the following physical characteristics:

  • Head shaped like an inverted pear; It presents prominent forehead, long snout, and strong chin.
  • Ears: average insertion and broad base, rounded tip, and bobcats own spots.
  • Eyes: oval; combined with the color coat.
  • Legs: long and dense, with too long and thick fingers. The rear is slightly higher than the front.
  • Cola: it can be almost nonexistent, short or even long. It is thick and, typically, is between 5 and 15 centimeters.
  • Coat: resistant and waterproof. There are examples of short hair and long hair. They have a double-thick layer, with a hairy texture.
  • Color: brown to reddish and blotchy small or medium.

Remember that polydactyly is said to be present in half of the specimens of this breed, usually between six and seven toes on the forelimbs, and between 5 and 6 in the rear.

Pussycat with a doglike personality

Other than for their loyalty and attachment to humans, the Pixie-Bob is listed as a dog ‘disguise’ because you can train to take a walk on a leash. Regional along well with children and other pets.

Intelligent, affectionate, manageable, and reliable social ideals are also adjectives to describe this mini that despite his skills as a hunter and being very active, prefer the comfort of home. Therefore, it is an animal that can live in an apartment without problems. And besides, it does not have destructive habits.

Another particular feature is that likes to play with water and can even get to swim. Moreover, it is not a cat to Meows but communicates with different sounds, especially with a characteristic emitting chirp and occasional growl.

Race care required

The Pixie-Bob has a life expectancy of between 12 and 16 years. It is a healthy and robust animal that, so far, no health problems seem to present themselves to the race.

Regarding the care of their fur, will depend on the length. Longhaired specimens require regular brushing to prevent snagging and help a good move. For short-haired animals, you only need to brush them once a week.

Moreover, as with other pets, you need to provide a diet according to their characteristics, make regular visits to the vet, deworming, and vaccinated.

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