Persian cat: tips and care

Persian cats have some traits that make them unique and uniquely beautiful. Broad faces, flat noses, and a long, thick coat are some distinctive physical characteristics.

Because of its uniqueness, they are one of the most popular breeds of cats in the world. Then we will see some hallmarks of these cats on their behavior, customs, and food.

A native of the Middle East, Persian cats, arrived in Europe in the seventeenth century thanks to smuggling jewels and spices. After conquering the whole kingdom in their path, they moved to America in the mid-nineteenth century.

The dour faces of these cats, gesture suggests a lousy character in these cats. However, once you know them, the view changes flatly.

Typical characteristics of Persian cats

They are robust, partly because of the thickness of the coat; its approximate weight is around four seven kilos, measuring up to 55 centimeters. One of its peculiarities is that having short legs causes a feeling of slowly to see him go.

Despite the feeling that seems ponderous, animals like cats of Angora, Persian usually a skilled hunter when the opportunity comes.

The excellent performance of Persian cats

Persian cats are right domestic partners. Far from being an adventurous instinct, they prefer to spend hours lying on the couches, chairs, and carpets from the house.

Usually, these cats are very friendly with humans, other cats, and dogs, and is showing a sweet and loving character.

Apartments and homes without access to the rides unconscionable, these animals are not anxious or upset. Instead, their hunting instinct and romance is always kept ready.

Persian cats are accustomed to being flattered by their fur. In the imagination of the kingdoms of the East, these animals were tied to greatness, wealth, and aristocracy.

The same happened in England about the compliment, where Queen Victoria herself was a declared admirer of Persian cats. His soft fur and loving poise infuse their masters a pleasant feeling of friendship and peace.

In the same way that humans adopt animals, Persian cats tend to choose a preferred human among those around you. Perhaps the one who is determined to provide enough flattery, caresses, and looks.

These cats are particularly vain, but also very intelligent. Games, where you can try your cunning, attract them mainly; this can always be received caresses and praise as a reward.

Although they are not as independent as usually most domestic cats, Persian cats can spend a whole day in silence. Its shape is soft meowing and uses it only occasionally necessary.

Usually, this cat will choose some parts of the house as favorites, and they elapse their hours. However, it is happy if there are children in the house to play with him caretaking, respected, and pampered as you deserve.

In short, the main features of the behavior of Persian cats are:

  • Calm: they tend to stay resting all day.
  • Sociable and friendly: they like to spend time with other cats, dogs, adults, and children.
  • Observers: from the throne, worship watch and listen to what they do ‘human.’
  • Conceited: they like to receive praise.
  • Smart: are passionate about games were deploying their cunning.

Special care of Persian cats

While the average life span of Persian cats is up to 15 years must take care carefully to reach old age in good health. First, we must care for and regulate their food; in the internal state, they have high odds of obesity for their sedentary trend.

Another point to consider is that blue-furred Persian cats are prone to polycystic kidney disease. With proper treatment, their quality of life will not necessarily be impaired. Meanwhile, the variety called peke-face, extremely flat face, can suffer lacrimal obstruction.

As for hair care, Persian cats, ideally, be a regular brushing to keep it soft and shiny. It is also recommended to bring specialized hairdressers at least twice a year.

In short, each animal to accompany domestic life will have something unusual to offer. In the case of Persian cats, special care is minimal compared with the loving and intelligent presence of these cats.

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