Manx cat: care, behavior and characteristics

The Manx cat is one of the most popular breeds of cats in the world. These cats are particularly famous for an exceptional and distinctive characteristic: they have no tail. However, beyond that, they are very affectionate and playful animals, ideal to have at home.

Then we will see some tips, general information, and care to keep cats of this breed in optimal conditions.

Features manx cat

The Manx cat is one of the oldest cats in the world. There are records of this long before the eighteenth century. Its origins go back to the Isle of Man, located in Britain. Incredibly, the manx is one of the seven breeds of cats that have no tail.

As discussed above, the most distinctive feature of these cats is the absence of a tail long. Moreover, the hind legs are considerably longer than the front and have a full chest and back shorter. As for the size, manx cats are medium and quite bulky.

The vast majority of these cats have a hole in the base of the tail, also known as rumpy. However, some others get to have small tails that do not exceed three centimeters long.

After many years of research, scientists have discovered that lack of tail of these cats is due to the absence of a dominant gene that affects the spine. As a result, they can produce severe disturbances that affect health and animal welfare.

In practice, if they come to cross two tailless cats the litter of kittens born deformed and die soon, hence it is essential crossed with cats tails.

Manx cat behavior

Manx cats usually have very docile and playful behavior. This is a brilliant animal and very affectionate, making them ideal for them at home. They often really have a preference for a person to show all their love.

While it is a very docile cat, it is advisable to have an open for use and enjoyment space so you can play freely and hunt.

Another critical aspect to consider is that these cats walk more like a rabbit than a cat. Therefore, when you go on vacation, maybe the owner has some problems to be accepted in a residence or hotel for cats. In conclusion, the behavior of these cats is excellent. Have a high capacity for adaptability; they are excessively affectionate, playful, brilliant, and get along well with other animals, especially dogs. They are also very fond of children and have high energy levels.

Manx care for cats

The life expectancy of these cats is long, so on average live 10 to 15 years. As for the care they require, one of the most important aspects to consider are the eyes.

In this regard, manx cats are prone to irritation, so it is recommended to clean your eyes frequently with a gauze pad soaked in filtered water.

One of the significant advantages of these cats is fur. You do not need continually brushing pregnant. By contrast, clean it occasionally to keep it bright.

Caring for nails is also one of the most important aspects to consider. It is advisable to buy a sharpener and so be the animal itself that keeps them in the right size.

However, another option is that the court and take care of the owner himself.

In general, these cats do not usually get sick quickly. However, like any other pet, you need to take them to the vet regularly to make checks; also, when any noticeable change in the physical or emotional state of the cat.

The Manx cat is, without a doubt, one of the best pets you can have at home. In all breeds of cats, these are particularly affectionate and playful, as well as intelligent and very loyal to those who care and show their love every day.

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