Maine Coon Cats: features and care

Maine coon cats are striking: they are significant, robust appearance and a lovely hair. We invite you to discover all the features typical of this breed.

History of Maine Coon cat breed

Truthfully, it is not known where the origin of this breed is. It is known that developed in North America, but not when or why they came to the continent. Some people say that they are related to cats Norwegian Forest Cat, who arrived by boat with the Vikings. Others say it came from a pair of Turkish Angora cats in the nineteenth century.

We know the breed that originated in the state of Maine, United States. For a while, he was a rural cat widespread in that area and in the 80s became a popular breed. It was exported to other countries as a pet and FIFE recognized him as his race in 1982.

Characteristics of Maine Coon cats

A Maine Coon cats affectionately called ‘the gentle giant’ because it is one of the largest breeds of domestic cats in the world. Males are slightly larger than females: they weigh between 7 and 10 kg, while they grow to 5 or 7 kilos.

Race not only by the size defined: the head is square, with prominent cheekbones and eye-catching. The ears must be puntiagudas, broad at the base and finish paintbrush, ie, a strand of hair. The eyes are large and slightly oblique.

Hair Maine Coon cats are characterized by medium length and can appear in many different colors: solid, brown, bicolor … except for lilac and chocolate. Inside of the legs, chest, and belly, the hair is longer and thicker. The tail is broad and very hairy.

Behavior Maine Coon cats

Despite its imposing size, the Maine Coon cats are calm and affectionate animals. However, we must not forget that they are cats and as most of these cats will choose a favorite person in the house which will be more attentive and dependents.

They are mainly active animals who need to do extra exercise but enjoy having a garden and to go for walks and chase small prey. When they are home, cats like to spend their time sleeping and playing with his family.

Maine coons not stop communicating: in addition to their body language, they are very vocal animals that did not stop making noises, yowling and warbling, both among themselves and with humans. This does not mean they are noisy animals, but they know when they want attention sue. They are also smart and sturdy, so when you need something, know-how.

Care Maine Coon Cats

The Maine Coon cat breed is a generally healthy breed in which no hereditary health problems often occur. However, because of their size, they are prone to hip dysplasia, a question that is usually more common in dogs than in cats.

Most of the care of the Maine Coon cats are geared to your hair: it is long and robust, and usually does not become entangled, but needs frequent to help you get rid of all fallen hair brushed. They should be considered especially molting because he could form hairballs in the stomach.

Veterinary studies say that most home cats suffering from obesity: the Maine Coon as big and quiet animal, is also affected by the propensity to gain weight. Therefore, frequent veterinary checks should be made and follow the feeding guidelines that advise health.

Maine Coon cat has gained popularity in recent decades thanks to its rugged beauty: its imposing square head with his thick blanket of hair make a special cat. It also has the perfect character to be part of a family.

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