Exotic Cat: behaviors and characteristics

There are so many breeds of cats that sometimes we lose track of how many of them have spoken. Today we bring you all the information you need about the exotic cat a chance race emerged and has become one of the most valued.

The exotic cat

History and origin

This cat has first originated in the United States thanks to the crossing carried out between cats shorthair and Persian cats. In 1960 they began playing in incubators, although the goal was not to create a new breed only increase the beauty of the shorthair.

Only seven years later it was recognized as a pure breed. The first person to make this crossing was Jane Martin, a cat breeder. Also experimented across Russian blue cats with Burmese, but he got the mix between shorthair and Persian, he was far from the beauty acquired with other races.

Although the sole purpose of Jane had a Persian cat with short hair, his surprise was more to see the beauty of this new breed emerged.

Then he realized that although he had marked characteristics of both breeds used, could not decide whether it was more than one or the other, so he decided to present it as a new race, and got experts so recognized.


The exotic cat has become popular because their beauty is comparable to that of a Persian cat, but with the advantage that your hair is shorter; therefore, less messy and produces fewer allergies.

His body is rounded with short legs, yet muscular and strong. His eyes are almost unbelievable perfect roundness, and its very flat nose, a nice – looking as they come. Many of the most famous cats you see on social networks belong to this race.

It can weigh up to six kilos, and his hair is accepted in single or two-tone colors. Thus it can be white, black, orange, cream, brindle, piebald or tricolor. There are no rules to this cat as far as colors are concerned. Of course, all other features of your body must be present to be accepted as a pure race.

Character and personality

They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and the truth is that the exotic cat eyes reveal very clear what kind of animal it is. They are tender, gentle and very affectionate and playful, yet are quiet and curious.

This cat is ideal for children to be with all these qualities and for their great patience, which will highlight when the smallest of the house try to bother him.

They are very dependent, something strange about a cat, so they need love, and you always see hanging around the house for your attention.

Health care

One of the features of the exotic cat is their life expectancy, which hovers around eighteen. However, many concerns cannot be ignored. One of them is related to his eyes because its large open size allows a lot of dirt between them.

To prevent this damage sight of your cat, try to clean your eyes with saline and gauze every day. This will also help the lacrimal duct is not obstructed, very feasible given the flat shape of its face.

You should also give you a quality meal to look after their kidneys since this breed of cats is prone to such diseases. Quality feed will help lower the odds that appear.

His hair does not require special care rather than brushing a few times a week to remove dead debris and to stay healthy and shiny.

Already you know this breed of cat? It is very adaptable to small spaces feline, so if you plan to adopt a new pet, maybe this is the one you are looking for.

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