Differences between Norwegian forest cat and Maine coon

Among the many breeds of cats exist today, perhaps the most noteworthy are those large, dense fur. Two very characteristic examples are the Norwegian forest cat and Maine coon. Their physical characteristics are so similar that can lead to confusion, but in the article, we give some details to learn to differentiate between them.

Their diverse backgrounds

One of the first differences between Norwegian forest cat and Maine coon is its origin and history. Norway forest, as it is popularly known, has a long history dating back to about 4000 years ago in ancient Scandinavia. It is believed that the Vikings used them to ‘control’ the rodent population in their villages, and the Viking village is likely responsible for its expansion to the rest of Europe.

The origin of the Maine – or raccoon Maine Coon – is more diffuse. While known to have lived on American soil for hundreds of years, what is less clear is how they got there. One of the most popular theories, related precisely to the wood of Norway; and hence have some morphological similarities.

Another theory, less biologically plausible, match these cats raccoons. Anyway, raccoon Maine continues to enjoy popularity as a domestic cat.

Features Norwegian forest cat and Maine coon

As mentioned, these two breeds can become very similar in their characteristics. But some many features and factors allow us to differentiate them without too much difficulty.

One is the overall size because the raccoon Maine tends to be slightly larger, with a prominent and muscular body. His head is also different: the forest of Norway has a triangular head, while the Maine Coon is more square and slightly concave.

His eyes also help us to distinguish: although the size of both is large, the raccoon Maine are slightly oval eyes and Norwegian forest are almond-shaped and open.

The coat and mantle of both races are similar since these cats are adapted to cold climates and low temperatures. However, they have some peculiarities. Cat Norwegian forest has the particularity of presenting a semi-longing coat, with an undercoat of soft appearance that is not present in Maine coon.

Cats with a similar character?

We entered a somewhat diffuse area because although the nature of cats is typically determined by race, it is true that each animal has its characteristics. Overall, it can be said that the Norwegian forest cat takes longer to reach maturity.

If we have one at home, you should know that the Maine coon is a social animal and is much better suited to the woods in Norway. The independent nature of the forest in Norway, however, does not prevent them from enjoying the company, especially the little ones.

As for physical activity, both races are quite active, but the Norwegian Forest cat prefers the outdoors, where you can climb and go about hunting. As we have already said, this behavior varies from a few copies and others. If you’re thinking about having one in your home, you should know that both are excellent companions.

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