Cats in literature

The felines are present in our daily lives and, therefore, we are not surprised that they appear in the books. You probably know more than one of these famous cats in literature.

Examples of cats in literature

Are you an avid reader? Do you like classic novels? Then you probably know more than one of the following cats in literature. Some are even protagonists of the books, and others have determining roles in the stories.

1. Black cat

The Black Cat is the original English title of a horror story written by Edgar Allan Poe, dating from 1843 and considered one of the most horrifying in world literature.

The book tells the story of a marriage whose husband begins to have problems with alcohol, and in one of his attacks of anger kills the pet, a black cat. Shortly after, another feline appears in the house, and the situation worsens for everyone.

2. The cat in boots

This is another of the most famous cats in literature, especially children and youth. It is a European folk tale created in the sixteenth century that has been taken to the cinema on several occasions.

The story begins when a young man receives a cat as an inheritance, which could speak. He asks his new owner for a bag and some boots to hunt in the bushes, but instead of taking the prey to the boy, he goes on his way and gives it to the king.

3. The Cheshire cat

Also known as the smiling cat, he is one of the main characters in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. It is a fictitious animal, which could appear and disappear at will.

In one of the chapters of the story appears only his head, which causes a big argument with the queen of hearts and the executioner with the fact that you can not ‘cut off the head’ of someone who has nobody. Besides, the Cheshire cat entertains the girl with philosophical, somewhat ambiguous, and even lunatic conversations.

4. Crookshanks

Although they say that only dogs look like their owner, this cat has shown that the same thing happens with felines. Crookshanks is the mascot of Hermione, the young witch friend of Harry Potter; she was bought in a magical animal business.

The cat looks like a lion and has a great ability to recognize untrustworthy people, even when they are transformed, as happened with Scabbers, Ron’s pet mouse that was Petter Pettigrew, a killer.

5. The cat in the hat

Finally, this other one of the cats in the literature that you know for sure. It appears in the saga of six children’s books written by Dr. Seuss and is an anthropomorphic character – with human characteristics – dressed in a hat of white and red with stripes and a red tie.

The cat in the hat tells the story of a family with two children who are entertained by this animal through different games and tricks during a rainy afternoon. Before his mother returns and sees all the disaster in the home, the feline is in charge of cleaning everything and disappearing without a trace.

There is no doubt that cats are more than present in literature, as well as in painting, music, and movies. These are animals that are very close to us, that is part of our life and, of course, of our culture.

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