Cat Havana, features and care

Today we want to tell you about another extraordinary breed of cat, the cat Havana, which has some unique characteristics but is ideal for a family pet, maybe you’re looking for. Would you like to know?

Cat Havana, everything about it

I must say that this is not your typical furry cat wakes sighs of all those who see it; It has its audience, but her personality makes it very appealing to many. We tell about it all we know.

The problem came when he had to decide which cat unite these males or at least one of them to perpetuate the race. There is not much information about it, but everything seems to indicate that a similar feline was chosen in features you are not be altered. It is believed that the cat was siamese or a very same race.

Its name indicates the color of coffee Habano Cuba, one of the most famous in the world and resembling hair color this cat has. That is why many believe that this cat comes from Cuba, but as you will see, its origin has to do with the other side of the world.


The origin of this breed is not confirmed, because of many claims that this breed came from accidental breeding although others believe it was sought.

Whatever the correct theory what is clear is that she was born in England in 1952 the first of these cats and was called by the name of Elmtower Bronze Idol.

For one year later there were four males in the country, which are considered the beginning of this race.

physical features

This is a medium-sized cat with a long but muscular body and sexually dimorphic as males tend to be larger than females. His head is triangular and is very prominent chin.

His eyes so clear and very bright green with rounded, while their ears have a very consistent with your body size.

Although at first glance the Havana cat seems not to have hair, yes it is, short and smooth, although not usually grow back much. The colors are typically accepted in brown and mahogany shades tones.

You could say that is the majority chocolate brown color found in these specimens.

Character and personality

Despite its elegant and haughty look, not at all, it is a demeaning or independent to the maximum, but the opposite cat. It is a very playful cat and dependent who likes to stick to a particular person as well as a toy. Choose a favorite as there is no turning back.

It is a beast very patient and loving to be with children so that it will become the mascot for the whole family. He loves to give pampering, so do not be surprised if every time you are looking for your attention and affection. To be a cat, which enjoys a reputation for independent, you will see that it is sweet and friendly.

And health care

It is relatively stable cat health and not many anomalies that affect severely known, although it is true that it is sensitive to colds, lung abnormalities, and parasites.

However, vet periodic reviews can avoid all of them. Of course, you also have to take into account the primary hair care, cleaning ears, and others that should be relatively frequent.

Do you think the Havana cat is the pet you were looking for? Well imagine no more and takes one, because we assure you will have a loyal friend for life.

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