Top 5 Music Apps For Your iPhone

Craig Cortez


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Nowadays there are lots of various apps for music you can install on your phone, but how do you know if your choice is worth it? Some of them may look good enough, but there are much more things to consider than just looks, including overall functionality, subscription fees and things like that. And that’s exactly why we have arranged this ultimate list of five top rated music apps for iPhone. Let’s check it out.

5. Soundcloud – discover independent artists and new songs


Soundcloud is an extremely popular platform that focuses on letting independent artists find their audience – and you can use it to discover interesting bands that have not yet signed to any major label. Soundcloud isn’t just a streaming service: there is also a powerful social aspect that allows you to follow artists, leave comments on their tracks or discuss them with other users, and so on. You can also create your own playlists consisting of tracks and podcasts, explore Soundcloud Charts for suggestions or just let the app suggest you some tracks directly – and these suggestions are based on your listening history.

4. Shazam – recognize songs and tunes automatically


Shazam is a small app that helps you recognize just about any song that may be currently playing. And it really doesn’t matter if you’re sitting at a bar or just chilling at home – if there’s a song playing in the background, Shazam can remind you the name of that track and the artist. Moreover, the app will instantly help you find a way to download that song or access it legally in some other way. And if you just want to sing along, there is an option to enable time-synced lyrics that get created automatically.

3. Tidal – access high-quality playlists with exclusive songs


Tidal may not be as popular or ambitious as apps like Spotify or Apple Music, but it seems to focus more on sound quality, providing you with Hi-Fi sound that you can’t really find anywhere else. And then there are its playlists that mix obscure songs and popular hits together, including some exclusive content.

2. Apple Music – Apple’s Google Play music app alternative

Apple Music

Apple Music is a huge streaming service that features about 70 million tracks from thousands of artists. With features like offline streaming options, time-synced lyrics, personalized suggestions and exclusive shows, this app is essential for every iPhone owner. And while it’s not free, new users get three months without any fees, and you can use that time to decide whether you like Apple Music enough to pay for it.

1. Spotify – simply the best music download app for iPhone


Apple Music may be good, but even it can’t really compete with Spotify that features free access options with ads, a huge library of high-quality music, and noteworthy playlist algorithms that can really help you explore new music instead of just reminding you of your favorites.

Choosing the right one

All of these apps have at least some kind of free access, so you can check them all out before deciding whether you want to keep them or not. And if you know some other useful music apps, feel free to comment.