Among Us Game Gets 100 Million Downloads

Craig Cortez


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A space-themed Mafia-inspired virtual party game, Among Us, is currently one of the most popular games in the world. It has been rapidly gaining popularity since July, and now it has more than 100 million downloads worldwide. This explosion in popularity has also made related apps such as Discord more popular, too – much to the surprise of the game’s developers.

100 Million Mark

Probably the most impressive mobile breakthrough of 2020, Among Us has actually been around since 2018, but it wasn’t nearly as popular until last July. And now this virtual party game is ranked the top free game on both App Store and Google Play. According to Sensor Tower, it has been already downloaded more than 100 million times since July, with really breathtaking 54 million downloads in September alone. This result passes the next highest number of overall downloads that are being held by My Talking Tom Friends, with 68 million downloads worldwide. The game is now even more popular than another recent hit, Apex Legends on mobile devices, even including the Apex Legends new mode.

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Among Us has also made other gaming-related apps more popular. Since the built-in chatbox is not that useful, many players use Discord to communicate and cooperate during the game, which has already led to a notable increase in downloads of Discord’s official app. The game also seems to mix well with Twitch since Among Us now ranks as the 11th most viewed game on the platform, with a 650 percent increase of popularity in the last several months.

This sudden raise in the game’s popularity has been a complete surprise for the developer, Innersloth, which has been already working on the sequel. However, the game studio has decided to cancel it and return to the original game, providing players with new content and important fixes.

How It Got That Big

Among Us may be making Twitch more popular now, but it was Twitch streamers who’ve made this game so popular in the first place, along with YouTube letsplayers. Among Us has become a great way to replace party games during the lockdown by providing its own option to meet with your friends, have fun, and find someone new to talk to. The game is actually all about social interaction: you play as a spaceship crew member with a goal to fix the vehicle in order to win a round. But not all of your fellow spacemen are that diligent since one of them is the evil Impostor in disguise, and his ultimate goal is to kill off the entire crew by pretending to be one of them.

This simple concept makes the gameplay surprisingly deep and social-oriented, and that’s exactly what people seem to need these times. Moreover, it makes the game look extremely engaging on streams, so it’s no wonder Among Us is so popular on Twitch and other similar platforms. And since the developer is dedicated to adding new content to the game now, it will be getting only better in the nearest future. So make sure you check this game out – and feel free to comment on your experience.