Curly ear back and crescent is its main feature; beautiful, docile, agile and very loving, is one of the best pets, especially for children. Then we will see the care and characteristics of American curl cat to meet this feline better. Throughout history, humankind has regarded as docile cats, domesticatedContinue Reading

These cats are revered by the Japanese, who awarded them the power to bring good fortune. No one knows for sure when and where the bobtail developed, but this race has for centuries part of Eastern culture. Legends about the origin of the Japanese bobtail cat or good luck LegendContinue Reading

This cat has inherited the best of both breeds: the Himalayan cat is the product of a cross between a Persian and a Siamese. The result is a pussycat unparalleled beauty, gentle and very affectionate. Their care and characteristics we present in this article. A hairy story In 1924 heContinue Reading

Although its sleek and slim look reminds us of a wild cat and leads us to think that it is a hybrid race, Sokoke is a genuine representative of the catus Felis. Sociable, talkative, and active, it is a great climber who needs room to exercise. Africa to the worldContinue Reading

Maine coon cats are striking: they are significant, robust appearance and a lovely hair. We invite you to discover all the features typical of this breed. History of Maine Coon cat breed Truthfully, it is not known where the origin of this breed is. It is known that developed inContinue Reading

My animals today we present the British shorthair, a cat surely you know recognize his round face and furry coat. We ‘ll show you some of the primary care that needs this race, joint diseases, and some tips to keep you healthy and happy. British shorthair, smiling Cheshire Cat EnglishContinue Reading

Japanese bobtail is an ancient Asian feline race, whose origins still hold many mysteries. These cats are characterized by the very short tail and are notable for their friendly and affectionate nature. While the Japanese islands inhabited by more than 1 000 years ago, these copies only recovered the mostContinue Reading

Today we want to tell you about another extraordinary breed of cat, the cat Havana, which has some unique characteristics but is ideal for a family pet, maybe you’re looking for. Would you like to know? Cat Havana, everything about it I must say that this is not your typicalContinue Reading

Would you like to have a wild – looking cat but a doglike character? As these are the main features of the Pixie Bob, a pussycat who also is Polydactyl -has more fingers than routine- and has a short tail. Meet the cat that reminds the bobcat The breed originatedContinue Reading

Some cat lovers have definite preferences when choosing your pet. The size and color of eyes not only influence when bringing a new cat home: apparently, some believe that there are breeds of cats smarter than others. Are we talking about a mere opinion or there is any data contrastedContinue Reading

The felines are present in our daily lives and, therefore, we are not surprised that they appear in the books. You probably know more than one of these famous cats in literature. Examples of cats in literature Are you an avid reader? Do you like classic novels? Then you probablyContinue Reading

Origin of the breed Kohana cat’s existence was documented environment for 2002, although there are some concise theories regarding its origin. At first, they said it came from a wild litter of Hawaii in which some of the offspring had a genetic mutation. This variation, rather than altering the functionContinue Reading

Persian cats have some traits that make them unique and uniquely beautiful. Broad faces, flat noses, and a long, thick coat are some distinctive physical characteristics. Because of its uniqueness, they are one of the most popular breeds of cats in the world. Then we will see some hallmarks ofContinue Reading