American Curl: care and Features

Curly ear back and crescent is its main feature; beautiful, docile, agile and very loving, is one of the best pets, especially for children. Then we will see the care and characteristics of American curl cat to meet this feline better.

Throughout history, humankind has regarded as docile cats, domesticated animals, and very cunning. Precisely, this is the American curl or curl American, a race that became known in 1981 in California, United States.

The International Cat Association in 1987 recorded these kitties. Six years later the full recognition achieved his pedigree by the Cat Fanciers’ Association, CFA.

American curl is considered a happy pet who likes to climb and frolic. It is an excellent company for both adults and children; even usually they get along with other pets, like dogs. They love to say hello with a slight head coup seeking to return them to a caress.

American ears curl

This lush mammal differs from other breeds of cats known in the world for its curious ears. Slightly bent backward, up to about 90 degrees, are fragile cartilage. The inclination may be three degrees: less curved, distinctly curved crescent.

At birth, the ears are rigid. Ten days later begin to curl, and five months the form is permanent. This kind of curly stems from a spontaneous genetic evolution; the first known exponent was ‘Sulamith’ which means black precious.

This cat came home to Joe and Grace Ruga in Lakewood, California. They drew attention to the shape of your ears and decided to adopt it; her first litter of four, two puppies inherited this curiosity.

A cat exposure

Breeders and geneticists confirmed that there was an inherited trait ear, so it was a new race. Thus they began the process to achieve recognition.

Today, these cats participate in exhibitions and competitions; docile, gentle, loving, and active, they are household pets. Sulamith addition, there are several famous American Curl: Ray Smuckles the webcomic Achewood and Waffle Catscratch are two of them.

long and short hair

The distinctive feature is his ears. American curl can have short hair, with little or medium coat and glossy coat. The other variety is the long hair, with the same characteristics as glass, thickness, and softness to the touch.

There are copies of all colors, even white with blue eyes or various shades of brown, red, purple and even silver. All are breathtakingly beautiful and a great personality, which makes them lively, affectionate, and playful. It is a lovely cat, graceful movements.

American Curl: care

As regards the American Curl cat care, the first thing is to keep clean their ears. Removing all kinds of dirt and accumulated serosity should be done carefully to avoid hurting her soft cartilage.

Once a week should be brushed his coat and bathe him is prudent when deemed appropriate. Regular visits to the vet are also part of the American curl care.

How to feed them?

Cats curl Americans need to consume a lot of meat; it obtained proteins and fats necessary for their development. It is vital to minimize carbohydrate intake because of their slow metabolism. Consumption of these nutrients may develop certain diseases such as obesity or diabetes.

Features American curl

American curl body is slender, elongated and elegant with round legs. Weighs between two and five kilos, and is between 40 and 50 cm high; It has a strong musculature, the head is longer than the full and nose-shaped heart. You can live between 13 and 17 years.

With a strong and symmetrical chin, straight and concave snout and whiskers visible, the American curl offers excellent appeal. His eyes are round, separate, and different colors ranging from yellow to blue. The tail is hairy and almost as long as its body.

This sexy cat, spectacular and curious ears, is a playful and tender ideal for children and adults pet. Knowledge of the care that we have and the characteristics of the American Curl will help us to enjoy even more of this beautiful feline breed.

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